Look out world...

The more observent of you will have noticed on the their is a new int13h'er in town. Capable of spewing Monty Python - Holy Grail quotes on demand and has the ability to pick small berries off the top branch of a tree, he has a fear of door ways and hot AMD cpus, in his free time he likes to get his feet messy with a good old gibfest in Quake 3 with Nightmare in ClanMKC (Shameless plug).




Run away!!

By Warchild |

/me runs into door frame

By Nightmare |

I dunno.. you take 1 day off and the next thing you know everyone is having dellusions of grandure :)

By Spooky |

Nice Pic :)

However I hope you update your int13h column more often than your MKC one ;=}

By Xeelee |


By MKC*DarK |

Heavy Engine Console
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