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You're getting ready for work. You take your brand new laptop in hand, and walk to your car parked on the driveway. Perhaps you have a briefcase with you, and so you decide to put it in the boot. Oh, but you haven't got a free hand to unlock the car. So you put the laptop down on the ground. After putting the case in the boot you get in you car and reverse out the drive. You then hear the sickening crunch as you roll over your ?2,000 laptop. It could happen to anyone, and it does.

Complete Computer Cover has compiled a list of 10 fairly amusing ways people have 'accidentally' broken their kit.



Hey Voo... how many times have you killed your laptop now? ;)

By Spooky |

im on my 3rd so far, 1 stolen, 1 dropped, still at least it means I get a new laptop every year :-)

By Voodoo |

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