What a bunch of money grabbing corporate.....

And for once someone isn't talking about Microsoft. The once respected DivX Networks have decided that they no longer need the original user base that propelled their technically brilliant video codec to its current heights. Oh no... they'd much rather take a good product that was relatively free and slap a licensing agreement on it that's so restrictive even 'mad' Mr Balmer himself would be proud.

So, in order to avoid the $1000 licensing fee for distributing our little bits of video in DivX I've spent a good deal of my morning MPEG'erising 'em. I would quite happily have used Microsoft's Windows Media 8 codecs, which are absolutely splendid by the way, but I'm not aware of any *nix players (well except solaris). So instead I've opted for the old venerable MPEG 1, you can play that on near enough anything. ;)

Paul Sullivan over at Firingsquad has had a little blurt about this too. Read it. It's far more eloquent than I could ever be :)


I feel sorry for all those poor little dvd to vcd people who made a nice easy profit out of copying dvd for hundreds of people.. They will suffer the most =)

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I was always found DivX to be a bit of a mixed bag, playback doesn't always work properly and some DivX Q3 Movies crash my NT Workstation at work :/

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