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Interesting gaming news seems to be slowing down again since the peak of E3, I quess all the excitement is dying down while the developers put the ball and chain back on for some hard months of work. Luckily some games are in beta stage and some web sites are lucky enough to snag some details.

"...Battlefield 1942 focuses on more traditional online matches, with up to 32 players battling one another in authentic scenarios. The beta I received contained only two maps, though the finished title will contain sixteen from locations all over the war, including Asia, North Africa, and Europe. The two beta maps included a vast desert in North Africa, where German troops faced off against the British, and an island atoll in the Pacific, where Americans and Japanese forces went head to head."

Once again The Adrenaline Vault is on the ball with some good details of BattleField 1942. We will be keeping a close eye on this one =)


Did I see mention of B-52's? I'm gonna carpet bomb some bastards into submission ;) And thats just before I ride that badboy in... YeeeHaaaaawwwww!!!!

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