The great broadband dream?

Internet thats cheap, fast and as easily availible as a radio signal? oh go on then..

"Their "pretty big deal"? Inexpensive, wireless broadband that could drive traditional cable and phone companies out of business. That's because EtherLinx has come up with a way to tweak inexpensive, readily available wireless fidelity -- better known as Wi-Fi -- and extend its range from mere feet to up to 50 miles at incredibly high speeds. The data transfer rate has been successfully tested at 10 Mbps, but when it reaches the market it will offer only 2 Mbps."



There's an idea that'll save your average techie a small fortune, and one that'll never see the light of day in the UK.... bastards....

By Spooky |

Perhaps the likes of BT & NTL would like to reduce thier overheads and move into my garden shed at least I would be range for Broadband, still until then I'll make do with my 2 cocoa tins and string known as 56k dial up. I'm now off down the shed with a transistor radio two coat hangers and yoguart carton plus sticky backed plastic :-)) I maybe gone for sometme, BT beware.

By The Ole Bloke |

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