If you can afford one then you can afford another

Ever bought a brand new Aston Martin then smashed it up and put the pictures on a website? No? then you are missing out my friend..

"Some say the pure joy of seeing what was once a perfectly fine automobile reduced to a pile of mangled scrap metal is pleasure enough, but when you add exotic to the mixture, it makes the brew that much better!"

Wrecked Exotics - umm mmm, crunchy.


But... and... the Vantage.... *SOB*

By Spooky |

*cries* YOU MONSTERS! *cries*
I hope you people never see a car again in your lives!

By Nightmare |

There is no need for that kind of filth on the net. It's a disgrase, I tell ya this even puts Rotten.com to shame! Filth, absolute FLITH!!!!!!

A. Nonamous

By Silkie |

Oh god! At least they haven't got any E-Types in there. I may have cried.

By Warchild |

Heavy Engine Console
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