Getting your chess on...

In a heated battle to the death, two X86 systems fight it out in a manly game of chess. In one corner we have a rather fetching Dual 2.4Ghz P4 Xeon rig against a dual AthlonMP 2000+. So far both systems are playing fair and there appears to be no use of Aimbots yet.

"Two computers (a Dual P4 Xeon 2400 and a Dual AthlonMP 2000+) prove their abilities running two of the best chess AIs (Previews of Deep Fritz 7 and Shredder 6). Is it a serious benchmark or just entertainment? We think it's both. The following days will provide the answer."

The link to the English version of the site is here but if the German thing floats your boat then click here. Personally I think my Origin 3000 would kick both their asses, if only SGI would let me have it =)


I wonder how much cooling they have on the dual AMD rig ;-P

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