Water Sport

Toms Hardware Guide has a rather good guide to water cooling your PC. So, if overclocking is your thing, you might want to take a look. There's a nice video to look at too. (It needs the latest DivX codec though. Sorry Spooky.)

"The fact itself is frightening enough, and yet it's indicative of the entire PC industry: the average PC system, such as those found from many discount retailers, is fraught with poor ergonomics. Additionally, the hardware features are nothing if not compromised, and this can only be recognized at first glance by the experienced user. There's no sign of efficiency or technical refinement - instead, the basic premise of the PC seems to be that there's nothing so cheap that it can't be replaced with something cheaper."


Maybe I'll get one, so my Athlon can make tea.


Owns an Athlon and wants to use it to make tea... See, now that's just wrong on so many levels :)

By Spooky |

I don't even drink tea. I'm just trying to find a use for the bloody thing.

By Warchild |

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