Virtual Reality Quake 3? #$%@ yeah!

Imagine what playing Quake 3 Arena in a Reality Room style enviroment would be like.

"Welcome to CQ3A! CQ3A is a Quake3 renderer for the CAVE, the world's best virtual reality platform! It can also be used with various other VR devices or run on a regular desktop. It is based on Steve Taylor's wonderful Aftershock engine. I added simple collision detection and improved performance by adding support for multi-texturing and compiled vertex arrays. I then restructured the engine so that it can be used with several VR interfaces."

GIMME! (Please make cheques payable to Nightmare's Quake-a-holic fund)


w00p!!! How much??? :)

By MKC*DarKOmeN |

If you have to ask, you will never know =P

By Nightmare |

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