'R' Jim lad.

Bad pirate jokes aside I'm sure many of you will have noticed that a couple of us here at int13h towers are SGI nuts ;) Well I was poking round El Reg yesterday when I came across this post about SGI's plans for the MIPS 'R' line of processors. Clean underpants on standy...

'The "N2" processor that is set to debut in 2005 is still in the definition stages, and may be called the R20000. SGI says that the single core version of this processor will, at 1GHz or higher clock speeds, deliver a peak 8 gigaflops of floating point performance'

Obviously that's still quite a way off but don't fret, they've got plenty in store in the meanwhile...

'Sometime in 2003, SGI and NEC will move the MIPS processor to a 0.11 micron, eight-layer copper process that will enable the MIPS chip to run at 700MHz and deliver 1.4 gigaflops of processing power. This chip is code-named "N0" and may be branded as the R16000

I'll have 512 of those in an Origin 3000 NUMAFlex rack please. Oh and just incase you missed the link earlier here's that post at The Register in full.


Ahh, but does it have the capability of making tea like my Athlon?

I'm off to buy an aircon unit to bolt onto my case.

By Warchild |

Nope, infact you could probably run 10 or 12 of 'em before they get as hot as your athlon ;) Maybe you should consider building a liquid nitrogen setup in one of your massive fishtanks :)

By Spooky |

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