Extreme CDROMS for Extreme Situations

Possibly the most under valued part of any pc these days is the CDROM drive, the problem is they are just so dull and uninteresting. The guys at Madshrimps have a nice flick about the more interesting things you can do with a CDROM.

"We?re going to test different cdrom-players todays.
Nowadays the performance of a cdromplayer is unimportant for the modding and oc?ing community. All those fancy graphs and numbers, who needs them ! It?s a cdrom, it plays CD?s ? so WHAT ? ! And as a matter of fact, the reviews are boring and we don?t understand the words they use anyway.

So we've put a bunch of cdromplayers under some extreme stress, to decide which one is best, using commonly known testing methods"

Check out the Video here. Its well worth the download =)


I think that video mainly proved sheep, goat and cows are inherently evil and love to drive a porshe. Apart from that, i'd go with #18 any day...

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