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Sorry to rant but this pisses me off. A new graphics card coming to the market from SIS called the Xabre 400, the card may be a nice budget performer but the fact that the drivers contain a blatant CHEAT for online games is ridiculous. This is not the first time a graphics card manufacturer has done this but if SIS had have paid any attention they would have know that cards 'custom' drivers were removed within hours of them being posted.

Its hard enough for games and mod makers that have to find ways of detecting and blocking hacks and cheats but giving people this kind of of undetectable cheating power is down right sick. Its a sad day for gamers again.

"This is no doubt the most controversial setting where you have the ability to see through walls in games like Quake III and Counterstrike and many others. I don't have much comments on this but many game servers admins will not be too happy to see this feature especially cheat detection software is unable to track and cheaters might just buy this card and abuse this feature."

Check out the bottom of Page 3. GAH!!!


Thats a shame. The card looks like a bit of a budget winner. It's just a pity that any owner of one will have a hard time shaking the tag of 'a cheating bastard'. Thanks SIS.

By Spooky |

This looks like a driver issue, and something I'd guess they will remove in later driver releases. But unfortunately it will never go away. People will just use and distribute the older drivers.

It's a fact that new cheats come along all the time, and the cheat protection software is always playing catchup. I wouldn't have thought it would be too difficlt to incorporate a check of the registry for the transparency option. It just unexpected that a video card manufacturer is the one creating the cheat.

By Warchild |

Asus did the same thing with their first GeForce card. Although its only a driver issue they actually sold the card on the basis that you'd lose if you didn't have their driver set. Thats just shit. Hopefully this card wont be marketed in the same way.

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