Yawn?. Slow day

It's been a really slow day and nothing of any interest seems to have happened anywhere?.ever!

I'm gonna catch a couple of minutes of shuteye.

Oh actually Voodoo is working on the supersecret backend stuff and it's nearing completion. This will allow our man in Amsterdam to lay his funky coffee enduced smack down.


Yes, its all my fault that the site is still delayed!

By Voodoo |

Yes! Now get to work you lazy goodfornothing....

Meanwhile I'll sit here and avoid doing any editiorials, or moving the old skool stuff across or sorting out the links page. =0P

By Spooky |

Tut tut

By Nightmare |


By Ha><0r3d |

move www.int13h.com -> /dev/null.... har har har

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By Yo momma |

Wanna fight?!?!

By Slags yo mommas momma |


By Biatch |

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