The end of the world is nigh

NT7 isn't a very catchy name, but it's one that could spell doom for a whole continent. The BBC are reporting that the asteroid NT7, discovered only a few weeks ago by the Linear Observatory in New Mexico, has an orbit that intersects that of The Earth, and on 1st February 2019 it is likely to come very close to us, with a reasonable chance of collision.

The asteroid has been estimated at being 2km in diameter, and would impact at 28km/sec. It would release enough energy to destroy an entire continent, but would probably not destroy all life on Earth.

There is quite a margin of error at the moment though, so it's not quite time to panic and go looting the nearest branch of Argos. Unless of course you feel the urge to anyway. At this early stage there is a good chance that, with carefully timed explosions, the asteroid could be aimed away from us, and at some other continent.


The problem is where do we decide to aim it for? Who whould we miss the least? Thats the question... *cough*the french*cough*

By Spooky |

it sounds like a job for kamakazi give me the nuclear missile's lets rock and roll

By Kamakazi |

WE'RE ALL DEAD! FINALY! It's like the ultimate fatalist's dream come true....!
[this statement will be retracted upon non-hitting]

By PmI |

I hope I get laid before then....... m/,

By Silkie |

I think we all hope you do Silkie ;)

By Spooky |

[God mode Activate]

... Phew I should be ok.

By Nightmare |

Sadly the French are unfortunately too close to safely vapourise with a mountain hitting them at 100,000kph. I would propose Australia as a possible target. It would be revenge for Neighbours. Now if we could only convince the French that Australia is a great holiday destination...

By Warchild |

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