New Doom III Pics

ShackNews have got 2 new pictures from upcoming ID Software game Doom III. They are at a nice 1600x1200 resolution and look awesome, check them out here.


I thought the second one didn't look so good. The textures didn't look so well lined up. Still beats the crap out of everything else though. What we'd really like to see is the E3 footage, but not from a camcorder. I'd still download it on ISDN if it were a gigabyte. (drool)

/me is a sad bast

By Warchild |

There are some differences. It looks like the first pic is anti-aliased, while the second is not. Also the shadows on the second pic are mad. The shadows on the beams are on different sides to the shadows on the zombies. It's conspiracy time! I reckon the second picture may have been Photoshop'ed together from different pictures. Oh well.

In the first pic, look closely in the visor of the soldier in the foreground, and you can see the reflections of the surrounding room! Look even more closely and you'll see a light coming out of his nose!

Another 'quibble' is that there is a big window facing outside, yet the shadows cast inside the room are pure black. No defused light at all.

By Warchild |

I guess thats one of the problems of such a big name title, they have released a small amount of pictures and people just can't help staring at them thus finding little flaws in the images. There is a whole thread about it at shacknews and its crazy how much people are getting upset about slight flaws.

Thing is, when the game comes out people wont notice nor care about these slight imperfections. Well thats what I hope =)

By Nightmare |

I don't really care about these things. I think Activision or whoever may have assembled the second picture, cause I doubt the engine would put shadows on opposite sides of objects like that. The first pic is amazing. The reflections in the vizor look perfect. They also look to have turned on the anti-aliasing in the first pic. Either that or they touched the pic up in Photoshop again. heh. I wonder what the frame rate was like at 1600x1200 with 4xFSAA. Gunna have to buy me a GeForce 5 at Christmas. :/

By Warchild |

A geforce 5... and a new cpu? ;)

By Spooky |

Heavy Engine Console
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