The Thursday Afternoon Prank

It was a boring Thursday afternoon at the int13h towers, both myself and the Spooky-one were sat twiddling our thumbs with nothing todo. At the time I happened to have a pair of pliers in my hand I turned to Spooky and said "Wouldn't it be funny to just cut my mouse cable?" and Spooky said "Yeah, then you would waste all afternoon trying to rebuild it". With that response I had seen the light and came to the next obvious response "Spoo... Cut your keyboard cable in half", his response was a rather dull "erm... no" to which my response was "Oh go on, you know you want to" and his rather dull response was "nah". This conversation dragged on for a good 3 minutes, then the idea hit us. Voodoo was in a meeting upstairs far away from his desk, you can kind of guess what the outcome was to be.

Spooky on the prowl.

At this point Spooky grabbed the pliers and got up out of his chair. Hello Voodoo's desk.

The hideous act in progress.

What followed was about 5 minutes of laughing and giggling. As I was about to put the camera away Spooky tells me to keep it out to snap Voodoo's realisation of what we had done when he returns. So I setup the camera on the end of my desk and lay in wait.

Puzzled Voodoo.

Within a few minutes Voodoo had returned to his desk. After some handy mouse work he tried to type something and the typical techie thought chain began.

1. Mash the keyboard some.
2. Mash the keyboard some more.
3. Get confused.
4. Hit the Num Lock key and check for the light to flash.
5. Wiggle the mouse.
6. Check the back of the pc to make sure its plugged in.
7. Mash keyboard some more.
8. Look to see if fellow techies are rolling on the floor laughing.

And finally the realisation.

Voodoo did quite well in that he made what I will label 7.5 - Lift the keyboard up. At which point the cut cable was quite obvious THEN step 8 kicked in. Then he noticed the camera *SMILE!*

What a great waste of 2 hours.


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