Yeah we have been a bit low on the updates recently but to be honest there has not been much to post about, it seems to be a quite dull part of the year as far as technology goes. We could post every little game review and preview out but we know that you probably visit Blues and Gamespy as much as we do =)

On the up side, we have some new content floating about. Spooky has finished his new editorial APU Technology which is a compelling read. Warchild is rumoured to be working on a new guide which I will leave up to him to reveal.

Its far to hot and ECTS is looming on the horizon. Hopefully things will pick up.


And if thats not enough for you I will also consider finishing off and posting my cyber-noir short story 'Gen X'. Its a bit of beast... so I may have to serialise it a la grim. Who knows, some bugger might actually read it ;)

By Spooky |

Is it a semi-autobiographic piece covering your fetishes for rubber squeak toy fishes and sink plungers, but set in a futuristic world where 30 foot mutant gerbils are the dominant life form on Earth?

By Warchild |

You've been bloody reading it behind my back haven't you? Right... well, in that case I'll have to totally rewrite it. And this time they'll be no mutant gerbils. I hope your satisfied... you've now ruined it for everyone.

By Spooky |

Pull the other one. You'll just do a 'replace all' on the word 'gerbil' and perhaps use some other rodent. Although your character naming might be affected. Geoff, Gordon, and Gary don't make such good names for (thinks of a rodent) hamsters.

By Warchild |

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