Random Top Five #18

Top 5 Natural Disasters.

5 - Locusts.

Can cause famine and death on fairly large scale. More importantly they arrive in swarms, get stuck in your hair and make the skin crawl.

4 - Earthquakes.

Knock big things over, start fires, throw cars about and make life insufferable for people who live in LA. Well done you!

3 - Tsunami

The earthquake shakes LA, the wave washes away a few Hawaiian Islands. Try and ride that one, you long haired tit.

2 - Massive Hailstones.

They kill dumb Americans who run out into the maelstrom to put them a sample of the icy orbs into their freezer so little Chad can use it for a show 'n' tell at school. "My dad went out in a hailstorm and this is the order of service for his funeral, boo hoo" Yeah, nice one Chad. Why not buy a gun and express yourself?

1 - Tornados.

Could drive a toothpick through a horse's skull. And why shouldn't it?

This weeks charts are by our guest contributor J.


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