Palladium's a'comming... run for the hills.

The Register's letters page has concentrated on the ever-closing cloud of darkness that is Palladium. There are some great points in there, unfortunately they're sprinkled in between the usual mad ramblings of El Reg's more 'interesting' readers. Most responses seem to fall nicely between 'Oh my god, its the dawn of a new darkage' to 'It won't happen... dont worry'. Which ever catagory you fall into I'm sure you'll enjoy the read. I know I did.

'As an aside, Lattice Semiconductor still makes programmable logic chips with only eight single-bit registers, and legally, they'd have to find a way to incorporate a DRM scheme into one byte of data AND program combined, and still leave some space for user-programmability? That would be fascinating to see. I'll bet they wouldn't write it in C#. And if there isn't any in these little chips, then several of them can be ganged together to make a half-decent 68000 clone.'

See, mad as a box of ferrets.

Oh, in case your wondering exactly what all this palladium nonsence is then have a peek at this article at MSNBC.


SGI could really capitalise on this and start selling FUEL workstations at less then ?1000. Keep dreaming Nightmare =(

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