Its that time again, the int13h week off is about to kick into gear. int13h will be attending the annual ECTS show in London. Then we are off to Amsterdam to invade PMI's home. During which time it is unlikely that we will update the site unless you are very lucky.

During which time we know you will all be missing you daily (*cough*) intake of int13h goodness. So here is the official int13h guide to news posting.

1. Go make some Coffee.
2. Open up your web browser.
3. Goto Ebay and search for "SGI" available to the UK.
4. Drool then complain constantly that you have no money to buy the SGI stuff.
5. Float around various websites looking for anything interesting.
6. Make a witty intro, then copy and paste a chunk of the story in italic and center it then finally pick from the following words to use as the link to the story...


If it happens to be a friday then you will want to go and steal the Game of the day from BluesNews and use it for a 'friday fun style thing'.

And there you go. We have every bit of trust that you (the reader) can fend for yourself over the next week and a half. Good luck!


hahahah! now that I have the secret posting techniques, I shall open MY OWN website! and it shall display all the qualitiesaforementioned!

... oh no wait.. that's effort 'n stuff...

By PmI |

Exactly, why do you think I never post anything ;)

By Spooky |

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