Random Top Five #19

Top 5 Mistyped URLs

5 - www.int14h.com - (www.int13h.com)
Maybe not yet.. but you never know.

4 - www.v3ed.com - (www.ve3d.com)
You can kinda guess what happen here =)

3 - www.thereg - (www.theregister.co.uk)
For some reason I can never be bothered to key in the full address for this one, I reply on IE's history drop down and the down arrow, which is a dumb move for a start.

2 - www.planetyquale.com - (www.planetquake.com)
Always throws me this one, keep hitting the 'l' key instead of the 'k'. I dont know where the 'y' came from, that was just special.

1 - www.int13h.com - (When trying to get to www.intel.com)
Oh well, could have been worse.

This weeks charts are by Nightmare


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