Makes you wonder how you lived without it..

Just randomly surfing around an I came across this..

xCAT - Mouse Traveller 1.00

With such incredible software availible if you blink you might miss it.


Just when I thought that human-kind couldn't descend any further into pointlessness something always comes along to prove me wrong.

By Spooky |

Pointless, YES. However if they were really trying then they would have it calculate the calories you've burned in travelling the measured distance. This would of course be dependent on the sensitity and weight of the mouse as well as sort of motion...Blah...Blah...Blah...

By Xeelee |

You could build up a database of models of pointing device, their weight and dpi, then with a calculation made from the sensitivity setting, you could find the calories burned. I'd be more interested in a figure in Watts. See if one could power a small village in Zambia with mouse movements.

By Warchild |

Heavy Engine Console
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