GEN X - Part 1 - The Beginning at the end.

CLICK - "Time 22:30, Arresting officers Detective Inspector Davies and Detective Constable Baines present along with Mr Gen X. Interview commencing. Ok Mr X. would you like to start from the beginning please"

The Beginning? This is going to be a long night.

It was raining again. It's getting so I can't remember the last time it didn't. Not that I mind the rain, in some respects it makes work easier. Nobody in their right mind would stand out on street corners in this weather unless they've got a damn good reason too. I dunno, maybe it's this city. Maybe it's this job. Maybe it's this cheep-ass booze I keep swigging. Whatever the hell it is I've had enough of it. I've spent the last 3 weeks trashing puke filled dumspters in dark alley's and talking to scum that I wouldn't cross the street to piss on. But the nice woman who paid me up front and in full before she woke up with a fetching set of entry wounds for eyes needed my help. She should have asked for protection too. Still, that?s not my problem. Maybe I'm just old fashioned but I believe in a days work for a days wage. She asked me to 'find' this guy and regardless of the fact she's sleeping in the incinerator, I've still got a weeks pay in my pocket. At least it keeps me out of the damn apartment.

I was back at my office too soon for my liking. Seems the rail is getting quicker every day. Anyway I sat down at my terminal and pored myself another drink. I fired up a swift SSH to the local precinct and had a little poke around. Sometimes I'm glad I'm not cop. I can't believe some of the shit you guys have to deal with. I was paging through the current cases hoping to find a little snippet of something that might give me a clue to where the hell this guy was. Nobody just disappears regardless of what the Cazanetti Family would have you believe. There had to be a record of him someplace, he had to be on somebody?s books. He hasn't swiped anywhere for years, he's not turned up in the slammer or the morgue. There's no record of him in any of the local medtechs. Either this guy really didn't want to be found or somebody rubbed this guy out, hardcore.

I was just about to pour myself another drink when the comms buzzed. I flicked the session up. It was Teo. This guy was dirty in ways even I didn't want to know about. He always sat in darkness with only the CRT glow illuminating his thin japanese features. I didn't trust him and he didn't trust me, which most of the time meant we got along just fine.

"Hey Gen, I need a favour."

That's what I liked about Teo, he didn't beat about the bush.

"What do you need this time?"

"Some lamer's running a trace on my session but he's spoofed himself... any chance you could..ahemmm, do what you do?"

"What session Teo? What the hell have you been up to?" -clicketty click click click- "If it's the Fed's again I'm gonna have to kick your ass."

"It's nothing like that Gen, just business. You know."

"Yeah, I know. Ok, you're clean. Running a trace back now"

"Er, Its okay Gen don't worry about that."

The flutter in his voice told me more than his words did. He knew who was ghosting him and if he wasn't going to tell me then I'd just have to find out for myself.

"You sure? Ok. Thats two you owe me now"

"Yeah, sure thing man. You wanna grab a drink later?"

"Yeah, whatever. Later Teo." It's a well documented fact that if Teo offers to buy you a drink something?s up and I was too tied up with my own shit to get involved in his. Just out of curiosity, I still let the trace run through.

Surprise isn't quite the word to describe what I saw when the trace finished. What the hell was Belli doing with Teo? Belli was nasty piece of work even by Teo's standards. As you guys know he ran the largest organised crime syndicate on the east coast. Piracy, hacking, murder, shoplifting. You name it, this guy had his fingers in it. The only thing less desirable than his reputation was his appearance. The question was what did he want with Teo? I fired up the comms link to Teo again. "Hey, I think I'll take you up on the drink." "Meet me at O'sheas' at 6..." I disconnected the session before he had a chance to spin me more lies. If there's one thing I hate more than life itself it's people lying to my face. I guess that's why I'm divorced. I caught a glimpse of the clock out of the corner of my eye. 5:25. I went over to the cabinet and opened the top draw. Everything a guy in my profession could possibly require was kept in there. My '64 Heckler and Koch stubby, the picture of my kid and a bottle of old granddad. I grabbed the gun and booze and made for the station. The rail to the East District takes about 15 minutes this time of day and although I was going to a bar I thought I might need a little something on the way. Be prepared, that?s what my old man taught me. I could have left the bottle at home because it turned out to be an interesting enough trip without it.


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