GEN X - Part 2 - Belli

So there I was, sat opposite some old crone with her shopping, thinking about this damn job and planning what I was going to say to Teo. I was so tied up in myself that I didn't see the two goons approach me until it was too late. The smaller one of two sat next to me. The big, dumb, ugly son of bitch sat behind me. I turned round to try and grab a glimpse of my two new closest friends when a big left came from behind and pushed my face into the dirty glass of the window. The little one spoke in that overly camp fashion that made you feel more than a little uneasy. To be honest I wasn't surprised, the big guy looked like speech came as an optional extra.

"Belli would like to have a word with you Gen."

"Well, I'm honoured. What does that fat fuck want with me?"

"Now, now, lets be civil shall we." This sentence was punctuated by a cold muzzle burying itself in the base of my neck. "I think you'll find this trip will be far more agreeable if you watch your mouth. Let's get off at the next stop. Wouldn't want to conduct our business in public would we?"

I wasn't particularly interested in the business they wanted to conduct but it wasn't like I had a choice. As the rail neared the next station the little guy motioned me up. He lead me down through the rest of the carriages all the while his friend kept introducing his barrel to my spine as some kind of incentive. We were stood by the doors as we entered the station. The rail stopped abruptly and I seized the opportunity. I swiftly slipped my elbow into the big guys chest and flicked my fist down towards his crotch. He dropped like a sack of shit practically handing me his piece. I kicked the small guy out through the now open doors onto the deserted platform. Partially feigning a fall I knelt down pretending to check how the big guy was. Keeping myself between the gun and the rest of the passengers I slipped a couple of rounds into his chest and stashed the gun in my coat. I stood up and gave the whole 'oh my god he's dead' routine. The usual panic ensued and I slipped out the doors just in time to see the other heavy attempting to make a run for it. He wasn't the fittest of thugs and I intercepted him in the lift to the city below.

I didn't usually resort to violence but with these chaps I made an exception. I did feel a little remorseful about the guy on the rail but as I turned my attention to my new travelling companion that soon passed. They were world-class scum. It's a little clich? I know, but it was him or me. My mind soon snapped back on track when the doors opened to reveal the street below.

"Now how about you be a good little scumbag and take me to Belli?"

With his dead compatriots gun in his back I had no trouble leading him out of the lift and on to the pavement. He lead the way through smoke filled alleys and grotty piss-soaked underpasses filled with bum's, junkies and tankers. Tankers always freaked me out. Imagine bumping into somebody who looks just like you, talks just like you but has a different name, different memories.. a different life. The day they started growing those 'things' from harvested DNA I think we lost another chunk of our already decaying humanity. Anyway, eventually we found ourselves in Soho. I hate Soho. It has to be the only place in London where even you guys won't go. To say the underworld have claimed it as their own would not be too far from the truth. The heavily polluted air blocks out any chance of sunlight, not that you'd be able to see a natural light in this neon hell. But at that moment I didn't have any other options. Evidently I had some words to exchange with Belli but now they were going to be me on my terms. Teo could wait.

We approached Belli's place, a suave little strip club evocatively named the 'Bordello Of Booty'. I decided to ditch my guide. I pulled him into one of the dark corners of the stairwell up to the main overwalk. One swift blow to the back of the head later and I was making my way up to Belli's alone. When I got to the door it became clear that Belli's 'associates' were expecting me. As I passed two of the doormen I felt the now not uncommon thrust of a gun in my back. They took the piece from my hand and I was prodded down an interestingly decorated corridor to a glass lift. I lost count of the floors we passed. The doors finally opened and we stepped into a well-lit Greco-roman corridor. Passing though a pair of huge ornate double doors we entered a spacious office with checked marble floors. In the centre of the room was a large wooden desk. If I made it through this I'd have to talk to Belli's interior decorator.

"Ooh yes, I like what you've done here."

Belli turned around in his chair. He was a vile slimy discharge of a man. His greenish skin shone with a diseased greasiness and his hair was a mess of dandruff and tobacco stains. I felt repulsed by his very presence.

"Gen, just so you know, I will be killing you today. However, before I get carried away with myself I need you to remove your damn worm from my system."

Belli had a way with words. He raised himself from the chair, pulled a gun from his jacket and held to it my face.

I could tell he was nervous, the way the gun jiggled around in his tightly clenched hand. The profuse sweating was another give away.

"Neutralise your fucking worm or I swear by the time I'm through with you, you'll be begging me to end your pitiful life. The first round won?t kill you, nor the second, not even the third. You'll suffer pain beyond human comprehension until you tell me how to remove this stinking code from my systems."

"Belli, I haven't spiked your box."

"Don't lie to me Gen, we know it was you. In the last 18 hours I've lost track of shipments worth more than you'll see in a hundred lifetimes. Now I don't care who hired you to destroy my business just remove the worm."

"Belli, there's no contract on you. And even if there was what makes you think it was me?"

Belli calmly lowered his head in line with my ear.

"We traced the damn terminal you son of a bitch. We traced it back to your block."

Thinking on my feet. "That could have been anyone, there's a whole bunch of public terminals in the lobby."

"No Gen, we traced it back to your block, your unit, your terminal and your god damn session."

The severity of the situation took a little while to sink in, and then it hit me. Teo.


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