They say the world is quiet when you're in the zone. When everything makes sense and that little heartbeat you always feel when you're completely peaceful stops too. When you realise that everything has been living up to this moment and all you can experience is that single moment of perfect stillness when nothing else matters except just being where you are right there and then. Ever had that moment? I wish I could say I had that moment ever. Instead I'm barging down a small corridor firing a fillament gun and evading bodyparts as they make their way towards me at subsonic speeds from the fillaments impacts. Did you know an arm can actually become aerodynamic if you manage to sever the shoulder join under the ball of the upper arm?So this is where we stand. Or rather, run. I'm currently making my way through possibly the most heavily guarded part of the building and instead of being taken down I'm tossing a limb salad and doing it with the tools you provided. How do you feel? I assume you'll send the standard notification of deceased to the family members of these nice folks. I'm just curious how you'll explain the fact that their bodies will have been burnt beyond recognition.


That would be an incendiary grenade hitting the floor behind me.The thing I love most about this kind of operation is that moment when I get to run free and kill everyone. There is no way anyone in here is going to stop it. You know it, I know it, And they know it the moment my fist goes through their weak little spine and snaps them like a pencil on a lazy summer afternoon. If that didn't make much sense, then we need to spend some more quality time together. Hey Robert, You know how we used to talk about trying to make this world a better place, taking down the people that would pose a threat to society, making everyone know that the CD would be there to stop whoever would try to get away with something big? How big am I now? It's amusing that I'm thinking up a nice story for you to read while on playblack you'll be seeing people's faces explode in various shades of grey, pink, and red, as small slivers of metal make their way through relatively insignificant bonestructures I have to compliment whoever thought up the fillament gun. Tell you what, once I'm back home with myself, and have had a chance to rethink my strategies, I'll give you a call and we can maybe discuss my manic behaviour over a cup of coffee. And I'll even let you have my cookie.


I seem to have killed everyone on this level. That wasn't as much fun as I hoped it would be. Time to go into a more cloaked mode, because I'll only have one system to clear before I'll be reunited with my longlost self and see if I'm all that, or whether the current me is just a set of patches on an older model. I'll be quite jealous if it turns out you've been tinkering with other women just to kickstart me. To be honest, I'm not having the best time now. Granted, it's better than the previous years, working on ops for reasons that I think in retrospect might have been planted, but it's not like you're making me work hard for the job. I'm 3 corridors, 4 rooms, and 7 doors away from the target and the only damage I've suffered so far is that my pride is hurt over the fact that it's all going too easy. I know I came here with a purpose but I suppose I lied. I want to pick up my plans, and kill everyone. What can I say, I'm probably psychotic. Not like that stopped anyone from living in our society to this day eh? What's that? It would seem that there's an unforseen problem. This room isn't in the building plan. Stop. What is this place? Sound. I don't hear anything through the door. It's not like I've been the most quiet bitch they've ever had on a raid run. If anyone was in there, they're either waiting for me, or for some reason they don't care. Or there's no one in the room. Equipment check. Audio analiser, low to mid range frequency radio surround scanner, optical detection with .3m penetration Gamma reflection detectors. Why can't I see what's in this room. Raymond, Raymond, what are you hiding from me. Time to crash a party. No door can withstand the tender loving care a bit of SPG can offer. Say click.


Cloak check Right Himer unlocked Check Set deflection on left shield sections Check engaged enhanced orthosympathic system Check increase sensoric processing Check Time to go kill some people.