Mmm the smell of freshly expired NDA's

Looks like the gates are up and they are out of the stalls, Nvidia's new graphics card - the GeforceFX is on its way. Previews are up everywhere, here are the usual suspects...

Toms Hardware
Firing Squad

Lame name or not, this is probably going to be big ;)


Wait six months for the GeForce FX 2 Quadro 440 Ultra Titanium as usual then ;)

By Spooky |

A whole 6 months? It's hard to contain my excitement at the prospect of spending ?300 on a graphics card that's out of date by the time you've torn the cellophane wrapping.

By Warchild |

I see Tom's HW Guide now has some benchmark scores (albeit ones released by NVidia).

By Warchild |

Heavy Engine Console
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