Star Wars is dead... long

At last, there has been another single voice of reason asside from myself regarding the prequels. Daily Aztec have posted a editorial on the death of Star Wars. It treats the prequels with the contempt they deserve and makes special mention of the rediculous cgi Yoda/Lightsaber fiasco.

Lucas to blame for death of Star Wars


ep 1 was shit and the yoda lightsaber fight was over the top but bar from that ep 2 is very good and ep 3 will be shit hot and you know it to be true

By Kamakazi |

Agreed, EP1 was poo.

EP2 was great imo but it could have done without the yoda fight =(

By Nightmare |

Ep 1 was indeed a big pile of cack. I wasn't hugely impressed with Ep 2 either, but it did shine in comparison with Ep 2. I wouldn't watch it more than a handful of times. I'd still sit through the original trilogy twice over in one day, maybe fast forwarding the bits with Ewoks.

I don't like CGI. It looks fake. It's getting better. I was impressed that they made a CGI Obi Wan that I hadn't noticed. But they shouldn't have messed with Yoda. That's just wrong. In the extras they are talking about how they had to be very careful not to make the Yoda sabre duel look stupid and funny. lol

By Warchild |

I too hate the new Star Wars films, they should have had a scene where they are all getting rat arsed and they play juggle the lightsaber after 10 pints - BEERRR!!

By Magic |

forget ep1 ep2 and ep3, it's ep 4 im looking forwards, from what I've seen they've gone for late seventies retro look, kinda cool.

By Xeelee |

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