Spooky Did It!!!

Were back again - on a faster and meaner server. Spooky has upgraded our server to a far higher spec system. I wont go into why the server had to be 'upgraded' but lets just say that the death of the previous installation of our web server was quite spectacular!

Anyway Spooky has built a server that will far outperform the old system so now were back and here to stay!


I was expecting some kind of humiliation of spooky or something.
maybe not then =(

By Nightmare |

What do you mean humilliate spooky???

I wouldnt dream of mentioning the graphics card being pulled from and reinserted into the server whilst it was on..... and then to blame the hard-drive...... oh well

By VooDoo |

It wasn't my fault. The drive was dying... honest!

Ok so I did rip the graphics card out... but it still worked afterwards. =0)

By Spooky |

Heavy Engine Console
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