Ohhh baby... its not a maybe!!

When we make another Tribes game
(I'm still thinking of a good name)
Skiing will require skill -
No speed cap, and skiing uphill.
The graphics rock - worlds come alive -
But won't require a GeForce 5.
Lance, bomber, tank, I doubt they'll go
But they'll be better this time though.
We learned our lesson about forums -
They're the domain of those who whore 'em.
An open beta early on
Will help make sure the bugs are gone
So it's a given that we'll have one
And only launch when it is done.
Can't trust a weasel not to lie
But cross my fingers, hope to die
No more a question - may or might
The next Tribes game got a green light.

Taken from the Tribal War Forum posted by the Sierra Tribes 2 Brand Mgr! w0000000000p


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