Merry Xmas - Hyper Mecha Mega World Edition Alpha Z 2

Well, as another year comes to an end it's time to over-endulge in Christmas merriment. Although I realise that many of our readers may not actually celebrate the birth of Christ you might as well get together and enjoy a little festive spirit anyway... hey, any excuse.

So basically we're wishing all out readers a merry 'not at work' and happy 'piss up before the whole wretched cycles starts again'

Oh and to all the chaps we'll be seeing at the Crimble Uber-fest... Take it easy over Christmas and Boxing Day, we wouldn't want you peaking too soon ;)

And to all a good night.

Spooky Claus.


Woooo days off...
Woooo Beer...
Woooo Games...
ahhh yum

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Heavy Engine Console
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