"Windows XP is not an operating system"



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By Silkie |

Some choice cuts..

"Windows XP is not an operating system. It is a windowing system that sits atop an operating system much as KDE or Gnome sit atop Linux."

"Now back to Microsoft putting Windows on top of Linux. Linux is better, faster, stronger than whatever is living underneath XP now, right?"

"...it wouldn't devalue Windows, precisely because Microsoft has done such a good job of making people think there isn't a DOS under there."

"The part I love, though, is the idea of Bill Gates showing up at LinuxWorld to kiss Linus's ring."

I so hope this is a piss take, no one could make an editorial like this without some research right?

By Nightmare |

It is just so wrong on so many levels.

By Warchild |

The vital point is whether or not XP is a full OS.
If it is, then Cringley's talking out his ass.(not the first time, but always entertaining)
If it is as he asserts, only a windowing system on top of a DOS o/s then he's got a point.
Not that it'll even happen of course. Imagine MS's stock price plumetting after an announcement like that.

By Murph |

XP is built on the NT core. There is no 'DOS' in there anymore. The command prompt in NT/2k/XP is just a simple command interpreter and nothing more. XP isn't the nice 'FisherPrice My First OS' collection of windows that cluter up your screen, its latest installment of the windows NT kernel with a few more abstraction layers and libraries. When you take this into consideration then Cringley is most definately an ass!

If you also take into account the hugely different security models of linux and NT/2k/XP, the memory management and even the act of simple binary execution it becomes painfully clear how stupid that entire article is.

By Spooky |

I just can't wait till microsoft falls and starts kissing linux butt

By MicrosoftKiller |

That would be good, but only if shortly after Linux bent over and took it straight up it's chutney burrow from *BSD ;)

By Spooky |

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