Yet another fine day at int13h towers...

As you may or may not be aware recently the internet has been getting pummeled by the SPAMMER SQL Worm. Now embarasing as it is I must admit that we were hit by it. Yes, yes... I know what you are thinking but I honestly though I'd blocked those ports. It turns out that the port blocker I was using was a little on the 'selective' side.

The solution seemed simple, service pack and hotfix MSDE. So I did... and it completely killed the server. Typical. One quick uninstall later we had a working but vulnerable server. So wracked with guilt and destroyed by embarasment I decided to build a new firewall. A day later we have a spanking new routing/firewall type box (FreeBSD of course).

So my appologies for the outtage, hopefully it wont happen again.... *cough* until the redesign *cough*


Most MS sysadmins avoid installing the latest SP's unless earlier versions are unstable, because Microsoft has a habit of releasing cures that are worse than the disease. Doh!

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