CNN unvail FTL Technology

Our man Xeelee of MKC fame has highlighted a revolutionary step in both space travel and physics. Now although this discovery stems from the recent and terrible Columbia disaster, we hope that this discovery may mean that all the suffering wont have been for naught.

The announcement.

I've done a bit o' quick and dirty calculation, that would mean the shuttle was travelling 'at almost' 5396264244 meters per second. The Earth is around 149,597,871,000 meters away from the Sun. Traveling 'at almost' 5396264244 meters per second the trip would take a smidgeon over 27.7 seconds. If an object weighing 104,326 kilograms (the approximate weight of an end of mission shuttle) were to hit the earth at 5396264244 meters per second ('almost 18 times the speed of light') the total time of impact would be 0.000065 seconds and the amount of force generated would be approximately 8.3e18 Newtones. To put this into perspective the amount energy generated by the impact would be around 1.52e24 Joules. The bomb that was dropped on hiroshima ONLY generated 6e13 Joules. Basically... we'd all be crispy.

Ok, so CNN haven't unvailed FTL technology but they have revealed their desperate need of a capable reasearcher.


Travelling nearly 18 times the speed of light they would be able to reach the closest stars to us (excluding our Sun) Proxima Centauri and Alpha Centauri in under three months!

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