Random Top Five #20

Top 5 Oxymorons

5 - We need a quick Solaris install
3 cd's, 4GB of data, 7 lifetimes to install

4 - I think I've found a good Linux Distro.
Not unless 14 seperate X calculators, buggy drivers and the obligatory depedancy on GNOME are your cup-o-tea.

3 - Wow, that GeForce FX is quiet.
Secretly developed as a hoover and sonic weapon... oh and it's a graphics card too.

2 - American Intelligence Services.
Well, they're American... one out of three's not bad.

1 - irc://irc.int13h.com #int13h is an unparalleled source of useful information.
Using magnifying glasses to turn mingers into a renewable energy source.... What? You need more?

This weeks charts are by Nightmare and Spooky


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