Fatty had a party and nobody came...

Another day in Admin land.. another day on Technet looking up some random problem. Although it seems Microsoft have updated the site with a new look and some easy to get to links. One of which is Windows 2000 Top Knowledge Base Articles.

The thing that tickled me was the 'top Knowledge Base article' - How to Remove Linux and Install Windows on Your Computer (Q247804)

Is this really the top article? =P


Hmmm, me thinks me smells a rat.

By Spooky |

Also in this series:
"How to remove the engine, and install a shrubery in your car"

"Also, Linux recognizes more than forty different partition types..."

By Warchild |

Should read "shrubbery" by the way. You can tell I am not a Shrubber by trade.

By Warchild |

Heavy Engine Console
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