It’s dark. I’m running on full enhancements and it’s dark. Not to sound introspective but I’m slightly curious as to what just happened. One moment I’m blowing up a door for a room that should technically not exist, the next I’m in what might possibly be conceived as a bad version of sensoric dampening. Not that I’m complaining…If this is indeed some kind of dampening then I should be able to hack my way out of it. Or at least be able to find some kind of way to register the outside world still. Unless of course I actually turned off. I know, I’m not supposed to have an on/off button, but guess what, so do you people. Except yours is permanent and for the past few hours has been pushed using several objects of varying material and shape served at terminal velocities. But if I’m turned off, why am I able to do this bit of reasoning? I wonder what Decartes would have written if he’d have had access to SPGs. He’d probably have gone on a killing spree instead. Layla Chou, modern day philosopher and unstoppable killing machine… has an interesting ring to it. Before I blacked out I was holding a Himer in my hand. If so, I should be able to shoot something. Click? Nothing. Either I dropped it or I’m not actually squeezing the trigger. I’d really like to know what’s going on right about now. If I’m not turned off that means somehow I’m registering. I’ll have to hack into my own brian to gain access to my passive recording system again


The last time I did that it left me with a headache and I was incapable of actually doing anything for hours till I figured out how to migrate my systems back to the control part of my insanely overworked brain. And assorted parts that could technically classify as extra lobes. Maybe if I set up a feedback routine to make me act on reflex, but that would mean I might risk blowing the mission I planned. And I’d really like to find me instead of fighting my way back out.


Setting up migration Running process sync Migrating monitoring functions to passive system Initiating communication modules Check Check.

This is going to be hell
This is going to be fun

My name used to be Layla Chou, and there was a time that I was a CD officer But right now we’re not exactly acting officer like, or Layla Chou like…It would appear that the passive copy is seeing stuff that I really wish it wasn’t. You don’t have much choice do you, you wanted this. On the other hand, I really want to make all this stop, get my prints, and get twiddling. Which would coincide fairly nice with what we’re seeing at the moment. Right, it would, seeing as how this is apparently some kind of control room, and the guys behind the monitors aren’t even paying any attention to me. Which is probably because I’m sprawled on the floor, giving them a good look at the female reproductive area, even though it’s clad in various layers of stress resistant material. I really hate it when guys don’t pay attention to me. It makes me nervous. It makes me angry. It makes me want to move my goddamn right arm, and empty the rather fashionable clip of Himer .73 cascade rounds into what is at present their lower body. On the other hand, if I moved now, I would probably be taken out by the security system that’s fairly clearly mounted to the side of the walls. So let’s review.

Can I move? Technically, yes. Should I move? Not unless I want to be torn to pieces roughly the size of what I’ve been leaving behind so far. Can I sync with my body? Technically, yes. Should I sync with my body? See previous reasoning. Can I do anything that will allow me to test my system without getting fucked over by those nasty looking railguns? Let’s review.

Are all syncs up? Yes. Am I receiving processed information as reflex responses? Yes. Can I move internal muscle tissue by passive command relay? I don’t know, can I? Yes. Can I move my centre of gravity around without external movement? See previous question. There’s only one way to find out and it will kill me if I fail. Sounds good. Yes, it does actually. …. I can. Well that means that I’m technically working just fine, except that I’m talking a lot more to myself than usual. Which feels slightly odd. But at least I make a good team. Response lag is approximated at 2.62 milliseconds. Crap, that’s long. Guess I have no choice. Ready? I really ask myself silly questions.