Let’s play a little game of take out the glowing lights. There are five turrets, and two operators. The average response time for the turrets is 270 milliseconds, the operators would be around 700 milliseconds. My Himer has a reload time of 175 milliseconds. That means I’ll have to somehow create a diversion for the turrets. Shoot operative and simulate biosigns within 270 milliseconds. Can I do that? Yes I can. But can I kill him off properly within 270 so that there’s no duplicate signals. If I take out the head, the heart will keep running for a bit, if I take out the heart, the head will continue to process well in to the seconds range. How fast can I pull a second gun? 540 Fuck. How fast can I change the rounds in this Himer to a multi dispersing round. 240 That would be cutting it rather tight. What else do I have left… How fast can I pop an SPG and get out of the room again? 1.4 seconds Ah crap. Well I guess that settles it then. I’ll go for the suicidal option. What else is new.


Reach belt, pull MDR while raising Himer 80 Pull fraction round 120 Push MDR in through the expulsion hole 195 Aim for left operative 230 Fuck this is nervewrecking! Squeeze! 238 Okay now that’s just gross… The MDR didn’t really leave much to be identified, not to mention parts of the guy’s skull seem to have launched themselves into the face of the other operative. No matter how you look at it, a piece of jaw through the eye is definitely something you don’t want to have happening. Not that he’ll be bothered by it too long of course… 256. Assume biosignature. And hope I didn’t get it wrong, 268 Tick Tack, time to play the very brief waiting game for your life.


I’m still alive.. the turrets aren’t moving, both operators are dead, I’d say this was a nice little exercise. I’m actually slightly excited. Quite refreshing really. Now let’s have a look see what this room is for. Also known as what the hell are you hiding here, and why is the security so tight that unless I knew how to get around whatever the hell that blackout was, probably nothing in the world would have been able to see it? Console seems strange, no keys, no monitors. What is this thing? Hmm.. it’s a shame I can’t hack actual brains, this guy’s not entirely dead enough yet if I could. In fact, let’s use some forced resuscitation and have him tell me. But not before I tear out his voice box so he can’t alarm the system. That has to hurt… more. I bet he wished he could scream now. At least he’s conscious. What is this place, and why isn’t it on the floor map. Come on, Come on.. Yes I know you can’t talk but do so anyway, because I’ll be able to figure it out. Take out a few systems and they become on whiny. Primary monitor system. The monitors are resonance based. Control panels function on direct tactile contact. Nifty, I need to buy me a set of these for back home. Well I guess it’s hard to understand humour when you’re nearly choking on your own blood. How do I access it more directly. Now that’s some solid design. Fine, I’ll just use the resonance method then. Give me your hand.


What a helpful fellow that was. Now that I understand this place a bit better, I suppose I don’t need this hand much longer. Interesting how even when a system is resonance based, I can record it. Makes me want to find more of these babies and get better acquainted . At least I know where I am now. And if this system is the least bit accurate, I can maintain this biosign and walk my way right to my own little proverbial doorstep. Without having to kill anyone in the process. Then again, where’s the fun in that. Though I got to admit, the shortcuts do make the mission progress faster, so I guess I’ll stick with them. Now then, let’s play another little game, called Can you target what you can’t see.

Start the clock.