Welcome..... again... *again*


Its that time again where we decide to have a random change of look for the website, quite a departure from the old black and yellow site you have all come to love and dispise. We head into a new era of purple, white and black with some hope that people will now be able to read the site without having to strain their eyes (or so we are told).

--sorted-- =P

Other then that, its the same old site with the same old content doing the same old gags...

... running on some new hardware with a FreeBSD OS =P

Anyway enjoy it however you can and stuff... erm, then nag us for not updating it in #int13h (irc.int13h.com).


Slags! You changed the indexing layout! the grim links on news no longer work!


By PmI |

haha funnily enough I did change them but then the server got reinstalled and we reimported all the old data with the old links heh

By Nightmare |

Where is http://www.int13h.com/hogosha/mopaxian/ ?

By Your Name |

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