Random Top Five #21

Top 5 Real World Quantum Chaos Applications

5 - The Quantum Chaos Trousers.
The pockets of these special trousers contain every object in the universe... until you put your hand in one of the said pockets at which point the trousers disappear leaving you with only the wind whistling round your cold and naked downstairs department... oh, and every item in the universe, excepting of course the stuff that you wanted in the first place. Not to be used in confined spaces... or prisons.

4 - The Quantum Chaos Sandwich.
This fantasic piece of cuisine technology contains every known filling in the universe... until you bite into it. At which point you are left with every filling except the one you actually wanted to taste. Much like a petrol station sandwich.

3 - The Quantum Chaos Telephone.
Imagine a device that would instaneously have every possible conversation with everyone in the universe simultaneously ...until you pick up the reciever and the person you really want to talk to gets cut off. BT have been working on similar devices for decades.

2 - The Quantum Chaos Wallet.
A truely incredible fiscal wonder of the 21st century. A wallet that contains exactly the right amount of money for anything you want to buy at any given time... until you open it to pay for the item at which point all the money ceases to literally exist. This is of course nothing new as my wallet has been doing this for years.

1 - The Quantum Chaos Website Content.
You have a website full of interesting and stimulating content... until some unsuspecting person reads it, at which point all the content instanteously disapp -*voof*-

This weeks charts are by Spooky


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