Lock up your daughters....

Oh shit! Who let him back!

Thats right ladies and gentlemen... Ok, mainly just the ladies... everybodies favourite foulmouth fuckmeister is back. After a no doubt (re?)productive respite our man Silkie has re-entered the fold. Rest assured we'll keep him as restrained as humanly possible but a man with a streak that wild and vocabulary that small can't be contained forever.

Welcome back Silkie... so, any chance of a guide/editoral/news post that doesn't contain 97% 'fuck' or variations there of? ;)

The Horror



Welcome back the silkmeister!

w00p, the influance is taking over already hehe

By Nightmare |

Oh my god! the silkmeister is back, BEER!!

By Magic |

thanks for the welcome lads! mucho appreciatechios...... spoken like a true native ;o)

By Silkie |

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