....it's good to be back.

?ello boys and girls,

well, where to start!? it?s been a while but i?m glad to be back! please try and refrain from filling my inbox with your e-mails of euphoric rejoicing upon my return. i?m not being nasty it?s just that i am but one man however i?ll do my best to reply to every last one.

to be honest it?s very cool to be back, thanks to the boyeees for letting me back into the fold!

enough of the heart-warming nonsense and onto the good old news posting. now I don?t know if your aware of the coolness that is joel veitch but he has this little site called ?rathergood.com?. it?s full of cool animations and the like but i particularly like this......

Viking Kittens do The Immigration Song

i dunno if mr. veitch has met our every own spooky before but something tells me he may have!

have fun over there!


The 'rather god' kittens rule!

I love the http://www.rathergood.com/lightsabre/ one personally.

By Nightmare |

Click on the Destiny Child one, made me well laugh

By Magic |

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