food glorious food was an ordinary trip to sainsbury's, i was talking to my girlfriend as we wondered down the condiments isle. a rather uneventful and probably quite mundane saunter when suddenly she stopped dead, looked me square in the eye and started laughing uncontrollably. naturally i asked her what was so funny and she pointed at a little white pot on the shelf, i too was astonished at what lay before me!! so much so the web site was found so we could share the humour with the world. follow the little linky to see if this doesn't bring a somewhat childish grin to your face too.

in true silkie style though, as anyone who knows me would gladly confirm, i don't know when to let a good thing go. so check out these websites in the same vein!! :o)

we thought these would be great smothered on the aforementioned "cough" relish!!!! (snigger)

also this site has LOADS of other silly examples.... "rude food"


Marketing genius! Personally, there's nothing I'd like better than being able to sit at my desk during a long, monotonous day at work and look forward to licking some gentleman's relish off of a nice fresh knob ...... (biscuit).

And, on the subject of thinly veiled double entendres, I bet you didn't know the joys that Sandy Balls have to offer ...

By SilkieFan |

Its times like this that a million and one old english ale names come flooding to mind. Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to enjoy a bit of the old bishops finger.

By Spooky |

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