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We were all just sat in irc talking about the usual nonsense and I finally got round to asking PMI what beer it was that we drank on our trip to Amsterdam last year. It was called Kwak and it had a very strange Glass that you picked up with a wooden handle. It was very very nice and made some of the afternoons fly by... anyway, I dug up a link so we can share it with everyone =D

Pauwel Kwak beer

Here are some comments from that site about how good it really is... "This beer is so good, I lost control of my bodily functions the moment its scintillating spice touched the tip of my tongue. - Kerpal" "The underlying traces of nutmeg performed a divine ballet on my palate. After consuming 7 of these brews, I was able to convince a fine Belgian lolita to grace my bedroom. - Harbinder" Speaks for itself really.


Ahhh, brings back memories of siting outside the pub at just after midday getting absolutely trollied on this stuff. It will be a lack of memory that will live with me forever.

By Spooky |

That beer was fabulous. I would love to get hold of some (lots) and the glass to go with it. Maybe we should do an int13h beer run to Europe. :D

By Warchild |

Mmmmmm beeerrrr

By Nightmare |

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