A short review of Matrix Reloaded


(I could go into great detail about the pretentious, self perpetuating tripe that passes itself for a plot or the quite frankly unimaginative special effects but I can't be bothered. I'm not going to say that you shouldn't see this film, as it all about your choice... isn't it?)


>> it all about your choice... isn't it?

Yes but is it? isn't it when its not but it is not when it isn't which it is when isn't it not is? that it is when it is what it isn't whilst being it isnt it not isn't when it is!

By Nightmare |

Oh well. It was always going to be shit.

By Warchild |

you lacked the psychological insight, and obvious forgot to look at the render magic.

By PmI |

I am.

*cannot understand any further complication*

By R3m0t |

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