Oh don't worry, peanut oil let me slide in very easy

hey y'all..... man it's been a bastard of a time! so much on, so little time for posting! (that's my story and i'm stickin' to it!)

to substantiate that a little i'm going through a rather major system upgrade and learning all the limitations of your average desktop PC along the way, however thanks must go out to adaptec. thanks to them i should be able to have a system that makes my aged althon 900 still have a little poke even in this day and age. i can feel the AMD bashing looming already!

that's all just irrelevant really, i know you want the good linkage action. todays theme, TOYS (w00p!) and i'm not talking your average buzz light year here, these are for the more adult market and not a rampant rabbit in sight. check out these funky products....... they made me laugh!

badass dolls

bad taste bears

jap scat dolls

p.s. gratuitous plug to an amazing hardware company, shame I'm not being paid for this! :o(

.........and just for good messure here are some fecking cnuts


I'm not sure what's more disturbing... the very concept of scat dolls, or the fact that Silkie found them... it does pose the question of exactly what he was looking for ;)

By Spooky |

the link was sent to me! HONEST GUV!!

By Silkie |

I can feel the nervous twitch returning. No I can't say the word. Athl.... argh!!

By Warchild |

This opens up all sorts of athlon/toiletpaper jokes... all of them not quite as sick as this.

By PmI |

Heavy Engine Console
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