Spooky's thought for the day.

A couple of questions.

You must have had this happen to you too? It can't be just me, I mean I can't be the only person who sees the futility in things? At what point do we become so entrenched in process or opinion that we lose the ability to look at things objectively? Maybe its apathy and we can't be bothered to put the energy into trying or saying something new? Or could it be that we just become accustomed to being part of the cycle of emptyness? What if someone were to try something new? Would we accept the alternative without thought or opinion merely because it wasn't what we were expecting? Would we imediately take the greener grass without hesitation?

With all these questions in mind I have one more question... and it just may be the most important question that has ever been asked.

Why Metallica? Dear god why? ;)


that bad huh!! :o(, thought the single was poor. i'll be leaving that album on the shelf then.......

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