hmmmmmmm XBOX lovin' :o)

i don't know how many of you readers have done this already but my jesus, if you have an XBOX, MOD IT!! Obviously you can play ripped games but you can also use it for whole host of other funky and splendiferous things including: -

* streaming your DivX Pr0n collection from your file server to your TV

* listening to your favourite shoutcast radio stations through your kick ass AV system instead of the pissy speakers most people have for their PCs

* the ability to play mulitregion DVDs with a handy zoom option for those "exotic" scenes

if any of you have fancied giving it a bash just go here and read all about it. well worth the investment of time and effort and soldering night classes.


all this and MAME has been ported to it! Neo-Geo & arcade luv too.........


Not that int13h would condone such actions as piracy... but NeoGeo emulation?!?!? I'm all for that :) Bring on the Metal Slug goodness.

By Spooky |

Hmm... hacked Xbox or Space Harrier arcade machine....

ow, my brain!

Good thing I don't own any consoles....

By PmI |

Undoubtedly a very clever bit of technical tomfoolery ... the only problem I can see is that if you're spending all your time watching filthy images through your X Box (complete with zoom function, of course) and getting moist at the thought of the number of games you have stored on it ... how are you ever going to lavish enough attention on your beloved to get any of the INTERACTIVE type of filth you fellas seem to love so much?!

By Ann O'nymous (Miss) |

Well Ann (Ahem!), thats a good point... although had you considered that maybe this is a genetic trait and we're just a recessive gene? Maybe by being obsessed with the non-interactive porn we rule out the possibility of contaminating the genepool further? Just a thought. But I can assure you that I personally don't own an X Box and my beloved gets as much attention lavished on her as humanly possible... so you've got generations of my particular mutation to look forward too ;)

By Spooky |

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