Random Top Five #23

Top 5 Feelings About The G5

5. Shame,

What am I thinking? I feel so dirty and used. I'm actually excited about a Macintosh... could this be the begining of the end? Am I going to start listening to the Backstreet Boys and watching Big Brother?

4. Excitement,

1 GHz Bus, Power PC 970 processor... and you can even run a real OS on it. Once you get away from the fact its a Macintosh it would actually be an awesome unix workstation.

3. Sorrow,

Its an Apple, the base configuration is going to cost at least $8000 and putting anything else in the box instantly quadruples that price.

2. Pity,

Why the hell does apple have to lead the way on designing systems properly? Its painful... I don't want to have to spend so much money on a machine that 'looks' nice. The only other choice is to look at IBM's 970 workstations.

1. Disbelief,

It can't be true... it just can't... It's a mac :S

This weeks charts are by someone who looks like Spooky.. But it can't be... can it?


Heavy Engine Console
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