biddy biddy biddy........

after my little rant i'm feeling guilty. here's some proper content, please note however that i do stand by my comments. i'm just hoping some other links may dilute the rage building up by any of the worlds french population. to be fair, it's not your fault your french after all.

seriously though, this is one of those topics that's extremely interesting to me and i'd imagine everybody else has found it intriguing since their first encounter with an intergalactic super mind. now, i know this is a long way off and mores the pity to be honest, it's also a very simple to program but none the less I'm still very impressed by this little A.I. web site!

have fun trying to beat it! it didn't fend to well against the filthy sludge fest that is my mind, i mean i can't have been the first person to have thought of vibrator!? Can I!? :(

finally, food for thought......... why!?


About the AI website...

It doesn't even know death.

I think maybe it need stay that way, it's pretty clever ;)

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