There’s nothing like a brisk walk in the outside air to clear the senses. Birds whistling, the wind gently stroking your hair, the quite footsteps of the person you love walking next to you, not a care in the world. Then there’s navigation your way through a set of IMP-740 biomechanical surveillance bots armed with heimers, trying not to get shot up because the only thing that annoys you more than the scent burnt aortal tissue is the scent of your own burning flesh.I love walks. Finding that access was pretty comfortable, but I can’t shake the feeling that all this killing I’m no longer doing is making me bitter somehow. I guess it’s like smoking. If my calculations are correct and I can prove they are within one millionth of a decimal point then it shouldn’t take more than four minutes to get to the implementation room, fetch me, and make it back to ground level. Kind of boring, but on the other hand tonight is taking a bit long for my liking. I wish we had more resonance stations, I could patch myself all around the organisation and discover every dirty little secret in the system. On the other hand, I could also just focus on the mission first and wonder about some high level system hacking later. Or I could do that. Time check.

3:57 am

3.42 minutes left in the mission estimate, that makes it 4:01 when this is cleared. CD opens at 8:45am, that would give me about 4 hours to process the data, forty minutes for some sleep, and a few minutes to get to CD. I’ve had worse nights. Let’s see, according to the floor plan the room up ahead implementation control, through which implementation is reached through a double door of no significant security. You would think that even with the levels of security they would reinforce the doors. Guess they didn’t want to spend the money. I like money. I like killing more though. I wonder what I’m going to find. I hope it’s a few guards that know I can’t possibly be emitting the vitals of a 43 year old male. I wonder why I like killing so much. I mean, aside from the obvious being a homicidal sociopath bioaugmented killing machine. Naturally.

Oh crap.

So much for my hopes and dreams. That just leaves getting through the door and filtering the data I suppose. I really hoped for those guards. Let’s see… I know this type of lock. Odd. I would expected at least some kind of device I wasn’t familiar with, but this is a standard Regel & Fenner type 7 interlock with helial clamp bolts. Which aren’t too shabby But still… Why would you use a system that is over half a year old? Might be that money thing again. Or maybe they think I’m not worth protecting with the best of the best. In which case it’s time to prove them wrong. First set patched… second set patched… security override enabled. It’s just a single 192 bit encryption key. How silly. Third set patched.. and… There we go. Now to find out what you’re hiding on those neat little terminals here, data dump it all, and get my leather strapped ass out of here. I look good in just about anything don’t I.

It’s dark. On itself this would not be unusual. Expect that it shouldn’t be dark, it should be permanently flooding with diffuse tungsten. How many systems are operational… 6. How many of those have actual terminal fronts. 2. Guessing game? Eenie, meenie, mi.. I lost interest. I’ll just have to dump both. Clearing secondary node for data input. Where’s those inputs. Node cleared, route for parallel data input set. Newer models. Same protocol though. Preparing node 1 for data dump. Throughput speed limited to 17.8 Gbit/second due to parallel input. And as for you… Node 2 cleared for a 14.3 Gbit/second parallel input, stand by for route optimisation. Here we go. Optimised, ready to initiate transfer. Please specify targets. It still amazes me how everyone seems to forget that as long as you can get a signal in, you’re going to get a signal out. I don’t need to know passwords in order to analyse a system, I just need to find a way to flood it with my signature. I’m like a virus. I’m so lovely. Node 1 filled. That was faster than I thought. Is it a complete dump. Verifying data now. Hmm.. Data verification complete. Dump compete. Node 2 transfer aborted. Aborted? What the fuck? Verifying partial data now. Come on, come on. Data verification complete, 63% of dump complete. What happened. Analysis unable to determine cause. Which means something’s wrong. Very wrong in fact. I don’t have time for this. Do I have myself? Data content analysis will take an estimated 12 minutes, 4 seconds. Oh Jesus. Sink or swim. Tactical retreat. If I’m not in here, I’m going to be very upset And on the upside, a lot of people will die in that case. I wonder if it’ll really make much different though. If not, I can just call it a coping system. Maybe I should see a psychiatrist when this is over.

I love being me.